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2 Hour Closet Edit and Review

2 Hour Closet Edit and Review

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Style your closet... style your life! 
Our comprehensive closet consult will help streamline your wardrobe and reimagine your clothes with fresh, new outfits and educated style. Find out what key pieces are missing from your closet and learn how to dress with confidence! 

The 2-hour closet consultation includes two hours with experienced stylist Catherine Bachelier. This will include:

  • Going through each piece in your closet to determine what is working for you and what isn’t
  • Determining what fits and what doesn’t, how things are fitting and if they need alterations  
  • Deciding what stays and what goes so you can have a WEARABLE collection of clothing to choose from
  • Expert styling tips to help you always look and feel you best
  • Fresh new outfit ideas for your lifestyle
  • Coming up with a list of key items you might be missing 


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