Welcome to Catherine Bachelier's Style + Celebrations

Blending Fashion, Styling, and Celebrations into one love affair.

Learn more about how Catherine encourages and motivates people to look and feel their best. She shops and teaches people how to love themselves, learn about the history and culture of clothes, dance their way through celebration planning, and give back to the greater community through fashion.

  • Styling

    Catherine encourages and motivates you to look and feel your best through wardrobe styling. She offers one-on-one styling in your closet or shopping with you at a department store or boutique. She captures the essence of YOU and then demonstrates how you can become the best version of yourself!

  • Speaking

    Catherine offers her motivational speaking services which aim to help her audiences reevaluate themselves through a positive lens starting with their fashion style. Her method uses an individualized approach to illuminate the best version of YOU. Her guidance is soulful, simple, and fun having a tremendous impact on one’s internal and external self-perception and identity.

  • Celebrations

    Catherine styles weddings and events in the US and all over the world. She is the consummate StyleMaker and excels at the management and execution of small or large events. She’s ready to discover the special details that make your wedding or event the most YOU that it can be!