What to wear to a job interview

What to wear to a job interview

To land the job

What to do:

I am hired to style magazines for a living and the styling rules for this and job interviews are not much different. The best way to nail a job interview is to follow these simple rules:

  1. Wear your favorite color: I know this sounds elementary, but wearing a color that makes you smile changes the way you think and answer interview questions.
  1. Dress the part: this may be obvious, but always dress up! Even if it is a casual position (say a barista at a cafe or child care attendant at a gym), wearing a polished outfit sets a positive tone. It shows a sign of respect and definitely puts your best foot forward. If you’re not used to gussying up, find a stylist who can help you pull together an outfit in your closet or select a new one at a store. Always wear a clean, unscuffed pair of shoes and get a manicure. Interviewers always look down at your shoes and most certainly will see your hands as you express yourself.
  1. Some things are free: posture and poise don’t cost you a thing. Stand tall and sit up straight. Some people think this has nothing to do with fashion but how you carry yourself speaks volumes of the person you are and how stylish you appear.

What not to do:

  1. Don’t wear what you think they like. Be yourself. Wear what makes sense to you but match the position. If you will be wearing a suit often, wear a suit that appeals to YOU! If you like color, wear color. If you don’t, don’t. The most authentic version of yourself is truly important.
  1. Don’t wear too much of anything: too much perfume, too much makeup (unless it’s really YOU), too much bling.
  1. Don’t forget to iron or steam your outfit!! This is a biggy: some items are intentionally meant to look casual but for the most part, your slacks, dress, button down and jacket/blazer should look pressed and crisp.

Now go get ‘em, tiger! You got this!

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