Trends that will stick through 2019

Trends that will stick through 2019

New Year, Same Wardrobe


There is no designer who’s not continuing with a wide palette of color. Color evokes emotions and I predict 2019 will be filled with color saturated sentiments on the runway and streets.

pink 2018 runwayblue 2018 runwasygreen runwaysilver runway


90’s grunge hit hard in 2018 and will continue through next year. Why? Because mixing lady-like with heavy metal is creating perfect balance. Oxymoron is what made Coco Chanel so brilliant.

grunge girl flannel beanieGigi Hadid in Grunge for VogueGrunge all black outfit

Pastel Pretty:

Think Easter eggs all year. Fashion loves breaking its own rules about when to wear certain colors. This new year is keeping the winter pastels through spring and summer because it brings variety to our otherwise dark or neutral wardrobes. Pairing soft hues with black and navy is a great way to keep things fresh.

blue pastel coatgreen pastel outfitpink pastel jacket

Gender neutral:

It’s fitting to see more and more androgynous looks walking down the runway. Sometimes I feel like wearing a pretty dress and sometimes I steal my husband’s button down to finish off my Annie Hall (menswear) look. Same goes for my husband: why should only girls get to wear a cozy mohair sweater?! He borrows mine along with a cool/funky scarf from my collection to add variety to his. 2019 is sure to see most designers blurring the lines on what is men’s/women’s fashion.

gender neutral fashiongender neutral fashiongender neutral fashion

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