Good clothes open doors

Good clothes open doors

Your clothes can promote opportunity


The argument here is not whether you’re going to impress other people with fancy clothes, it’s that MOST IMPORTANTLY you’ll impress yourself. You see, investing time and/or money on your appearance increases your own self-esteem. Imagine yourself for a moment as your subconscious mind or as another person. You would ask this other person: What do you love? What is your lifestyle? What is your budget? Then take the time to go shopping for this person. Maybe a couple hours or maybe a couple of days out of your time to scour the internet or pop into a store or two. Then present said person with the outcome of your thoughtfulness. I am certain that she would be very impressed by you. She’d be undoubtedly touched by not only the time and effort it took you but also the obvious value you believe the relationship to have. Yes, this act of service, gift giving and physical commitment displays a level of commitment and understanding. “Wow!”, she’d say, “For me?! My goodness, this is so thoughtful.”

Know yourself

So, taking the time to know yourself, your affinities, your comfort tolerance, your daily activities and the image you’d like to portray is a huge compliment to yourself. Buying clothes that reflect you is a giant act of kindness. Buying yourself “good clothes” doesn’t mean expensive or designer. It means buying yourself clothes that make sense to you. Good clothes “for you” changes your mood and it elevates your self-esteem. Undeniably. Unequivocally.

Go Further

Take it one step further: now that you’ve impressed yourself and invested the money to shop (or hire someone to do it for you) for the items that best suit you, your attitude will shift for the better. Doors. Will. Open. Opportunities unveil. Serendipity appears. Jobs become attainable. Friendships merge. Love prospects surface. All this is true because good clothes convey a message of “I care about myself.” I care about my personal life and I care about my professional life. I care and I love to impress myself. Others are encouraged and others want to follow suit (or want to buy your suit)! The proverbial door flings open because the goodness of your clothes and actions shook the hinges off them.

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